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How to wash hair properly

You should wash your hair so often that you do not allow your skin to get dirty.
Fat, dust and dirt in the skin inhibit hair growth.
The shampoo, which is prescribed for daily use, is as delicate, hypoallergenic & neutral as possible; it can be used on a daily basis.
The frequency of hair washing is individual. Hair type and water quality should be considered. If you have oily skin, even a 3-4-day interval will negatively affect the hair structure.
The amount of shampoo to use depends on the length of the hair. Do not pour the shampoo directly on the hair, you will not be able to control the amount. First pour the shampoo on your hands and then distribute it on your hair.
If you wash your hair every day, pouring the shampoo once is enough; in case you wash your hair twice a week, you need to reduce the amount of the shampoo for the second time.
Before washing your hair and applying shampoo, you should first brush your hair. Wash your head with finger pads, not nails. Massage while bathing to improve blood circulation.
Choose the right water temperature as well. The water should not be too hot. It will make your hair oilier. The optimum temperature is 40-50 degrees.
Be sure to rinse your head with cool or cold water after washing. It improves blood circulation and adds shine to the hair. If you have severely damaged hair, apply healing masks every other day. The result will appear in 8-10 sessions. For preventive purposes, apply the mask on the hair 1-2 times a week.
The mask / conditioner should be applied to already washed hair, on the entire length and not just the ends. Leave for 5-10 minutes and then rinse. Philip Martins masks combine conditioner (balm) and mask. If you leave the mask on your hair for up to 3 minutes, you will get the effect of conditioner (balm), from 5 minutes onwards you will get the effect of the mask.
Depending on the quality and type of hair, you should spray or apply oil on washed hair. According to the instructions, the oil should be applied to damp hair and distributed over the entire length, as well as massaged into the hair roots (scalp). As for the spray, it is necessary to protect the hair from harmful effects.
Philip Martin’s collection includes all the necessary products for the proper care of your hair.

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How to dry hair properly

Hair drying
Select the desired hairstyle before drying your hair. High-quality brushing of the hair with hair dryer makes the curls more elastic and fixes them. If you choose the option in advance, you will not have to spend precious time. Before the hair is still damp, brush and divide into parts: front part, upper part, neck and side parts. Start drying from the back part and straighten small section in sequence. Move a stream of air from the roots of the hair to the ends.
Hair drying according to the hair type
If you only use a hair dryer to dry your hair, you need the strongest hair dryer, but if you also want to straighten your hair, you need a hair dryer with three functions:
High temperature – for pre-drying
Medium temperature – for straightening
Cold air – for cooling the straightened hair
To dry chemically curled hair, use a hair dryer with diffusion head, from where the air flows and the curls maintain the required shape. Diffuser, this is a special head equipped with rounded “fingers”. They may be of different lengths. It enables the air to penetrate evenly into the hair follicles.

Wavy hair
Diffusing head with short “fingers” is used to dry short and medium length wavy hair. For long and thick hair – with smooth “fingers”. Diffuser with hollow “fingers” will help you create a more voluminous hairstyle. The holes in the “fingers” of the diffusing head are located on the sides: thus, hot air is not flowing directly, which avoids skin burns. If it is necessary to straighten hair, use a cloth-diffuser with a brushing action.

Long hair
How to treat long, curly hair to look beautiful? How to give maximum volume to such hair? On wet, brushed hair, apply mousse or foam with medium or strong hold, depending on hair condition. Avoid excess moisture: straight hair without diffuser, curly – with diffuser. In addition, the diffuser should be directed upwards, while head should be pulled down at this time. Pay attention: at this point the hair should stay a little damp. Attach a diffuser to the hair to give it volume. Continue drying the hair by moving the diffuser at medium speed. Creating voluminous curls is more convenient on gradual basis: at first, the first part of the hair, then in sequence you reach the top.
You will achieve better results by drying the curl, if you alternately use the diffuser and the hand (place the curl on the hand and compress it towards the head).
Straighten each curl with a diffuser and the hand. Use a hair dryer brush to give the final shape to the hair ends. It is now fashionable when the ends of the hair are wrapped on the outside or inside; A mixed option is also possible, thus we get a wonderful festive look. A hairpin that attaches to the side curl, or hair tied to the head, will be the final touch to a festive look.
Short hair
There are hair dryer brushes for short hair, which dry, comb and give volume to the hair. Some hair dryers are equipped with a special device to dry the hair curled quickly or relatively slowly.

How to dry?
Wrap part of the drying hair completely around the brush and apply an air stream on it. The large diameter brush creates a large wave, the hairstyle lasts for a long time. Hairstyles with large waves are easily done and transformed into festive look.

Medium length and long hair
Step 1. Bend down the head. Spread the hair.
Step 2. Together with the air flow, brush the hair the opposite direction of hair growth – from back to front.
Step 3. When the hair is half dry, lift your head and give the hairstyle a compete look. During the brushing, before moving on to the other part, dry the first part well, otherwise the hairstyle will fall apart.

Short hair
Step 1. Brush your hair.
Step 2. Bend down the head. Hold the hair dryer so that the air is directed against the hair growth. In this case, the scaly surface of the hair becomes smooth and the hair will acquire shine. Do not dry your hair! When drying and brushing, do not hold the hair dryer closer than 20 cm to the hair.

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Parabens – a harmful chemicals

The controversy over the safety of chemical components in various cosmetics or pharmaceuticals stems from the appearance of these products. Ecologists and representatives of medicine speak one mind, while manufacturers speak another. However, there are ingredients that deserve special attention and among them are parabens. It protects the cosmetic from bacteria and fungi, thus increasing the shelf life and significantly reducing the price of the product.
This artificial conservant is widely used in cosmetics and pharmaceuticals: creams, toothpastes, shampoos, make-up, baby care and cosmetics. Unfortunately, the label “Kids” on the packaging of cosmetics is not necessarily associated with the child safety. To ensure the safety and naturalness of the product, we must carefully read the composition on the packaging, the original label (and not the Georgian translation).
If the label has the following names: Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Ethylparaben, Butylparaben – these are all parabens that are easily absorbed into the baby’s skin and act as pseudoestrogens.
A particularly pronounced, estrogen-like action is characteristic of butylparaben and isobutylparaben. Parabens accumulate in the body and upset the hormonal balance, which leads to premature sexual maturation of children, increasing the risk of developing breast cancer. Parabens during pregnancy can cause disorders of the fetal reproductive system.
Until recently, parabens were considered a safe and universal conservant. However, in 2004, English biologist Philip Darby has published the results of a breast cancer study: A large number of parabens were found in 19 samples out of 20. According to scientists, harmful chemical ingredients in cosmetics, in particular modern antiperspirants, penetrate the skin, accumulate in tissues, causing various mutations and pathological processes. This led scientists to consider, that these cases of the disease were provoked by the use of parabens-containing deodorants. This theory is shared by Canadian and French scientists, who focus on the harmful effects of parabens on the hormonal system. Since the parabens are similar in composition to female estrogens, it causes a decrease in spermatogenesis, diseases of the endocrine system and skin, increases the risk of developing ovarian, breast and uterine cancer in women, and testicular cancer in men.
Animal experiments have shown that parabens are toxic and have a cumulative effect. According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, parabens are found in the blood of 90% of the US population. From December 2010, on the recommendation of the EU Scientific Advisory Board, the content of parabens in cosmetics should be significantly reduced. In 2011, Denmark became the first country to ban the addition of parabens to products envisaged for children under 3 years of age. According to the manufacturers of natural cosmetics, the replacement of parabens is quite possible with the extraction of various plants, which will extend the shelf life of organic cosmetics. Philip Martin’s products are paraben free. It is an organic product, made from 100% natural raw materials, which means that its use is safe for both adults and children as well as pregnant women.

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Proper hair care depending on its type

You may be aware how hard it is to take care of hair for a woman. Especially when it is unruly, twisted, and damaged. Today it is not really difficult to choose a shampoo for all hair types and scalp. If you use expensive shampoos and the result is not really the same as in the advertisement of this shampoo, do not despair, since everything can be fixed. First of all, make sure that you buy the right shampoo for your hair type. There are dry, oily, normal, mixed hair types (it would be more correct to say: scalp). Normal hair shines, is elastic, easy to brush. It maintains a clean look for several days.
If the hair looks dirty the next day after washing and has an unhealthy, matte shine, it is of the oily type.
If the hair has a matte, lifeless look, it is easy to pull, break and combs badly, then it is a dry hair type.
Oily at the roots and dry at the ends means you have a mixed type of hair.
How to treat the hair according to its type:
In case of oily hair, you will need cleansing shampoo, which simultaneously works on hair and the scalp as well. It is important to determine how oily the hair is and then select the product. So for example:
If you are worried about oiliness, the following products are suitable for you: Purifying Wash – Cleansing Shampoo and Scalp Benefit – a healing mask for oily, dull and hair-prone hair.
And if your hair becomes very dirty soon after washing, then Moringa Wash and Moringa Rinse – a protective shampoo and mask for deep cleansing of the scalp and hair will be suitable for you.
In case of dry hair, you will need a product that restores the hair from the roots to the ends, will prevent the formation of split ends, will make the hair easily manageable and easy to comb. In a word, you need a strong moisturizing shampoo. For example Maple Wash and Maple Rinse – maple moisturizer, restorative shampoo and mask.
As for the mixed hair type, you will need a product that will work on oily roots and skin and on dry, damaged ends at the same time. In this case, Philip Martins recommends and offers Scalp Benefit – mask. Together with the healing properties, such as overcoming the challenges with oily hair, elimination of dandruff, stop loss, soothing the irritated skin, removing the redness, it also has another great feature in repairing split, damaged, dried ends.

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How to take care of wavy hair? – Tips

Wavy hair can be very easy or, in contrary, difficult to take care. It all depends on how you treat. When your hair is neither straight nor curly, it needs special attention as it is characterized by greasy hair roots and dry ends.
How to wash
If you wash your wavy hair infrequently, you will have a problem with hair loss, and if you wash your hair very often, you may obtain a dry hair. The golden interval is bathing once every 2-3 days and drying the hair with a towel to avoid frizz.
How to take care of hair
When washing, do not forget to put a mask on your hair. An hour before entering the bath, massage your hair with aloe or olive oil. The result is softer, healthier and more radiant curls.
Your hair is incredibly damaged by the effects of the sun and wind, which is most often manifested by splitting the ends. To avoid this problem, apply jojoba oil to the ends of the hair before going to bed. This will make your hair healthier and more hydrated.
Jojoba Oil
Natural hair oil made from jojoba extract, will help you to treat split ends and make your hair healthier.

Making curls
To get well-defined waves, apply light braids to your hair before going to bed. The greater the number of straps, the more defined your curls will be. Every woman with wavy hair knows the secret of scrunching. If you do not use this method in your daily hair care routine, then read the instructions carefully: as soon as you step out of the bath, apply a mousse or texture cream to your hair.
Moringa Curl – with curly hair cream you can get good curls with a natural look; the hair is not weighted down or frizzy. Hair follicles do not stick to each other, and isolated hair follicles retain their shape for a long time and are protected from damage.
Potion Cream – moisturizing cream will help you get gentle, light curls. Ideal for curly hair fixation, without the use of chemical, toxic ingredients. Flaxseed oil acts as a nourishing and soothing ingredient that enhances hydration, protects and softens hair.
Natural Mousse – Medium fixation mousse gives hair volume, shine and fixation. Can be used on all hair types, imparts soft fixation, elasticity and shine. Protein hydrolyzates and aloe and flaxseed oil extracts give hair extra protection. Pull the hair forward, place it in the fists of the hand and move the hand in the direction of the hair roots. Do not forget, after this process, you do not have to brush your hair. After drying, the curls will be more shaped.