How to dry hair properly

Hair drying
Select the desired hairstyle before drying your hair. High-quality brushing of the hair with hair dryer makes the curls more elastic and fixes them. If you choose the option in advance, you will not have to spend precious time. Before the hair is still damp, brush and divide into parts: front part, upper part, neck and side parts. Start drying from the back part and straighten small section in sequence. Move a stream of air from the roots of the hair to the ends.
Hair drying according to the hair type
If you only use a hair dryer to dry your hair, you need the strongest hair dryer, but if you also want to straighten your hair, you need a hair dryer with three functions:
High temperature – for pre-drying
Medium temperature – for straightening
Cold air – for cooling the straightened hair
To dry chemically curled hair, use a hair dryer with diffusion head, from where the air flows and the curls maintain the required shape. Diffuser, this is a special head equipped with rounded “fingers”. They may be of different lengths. It enables the air to penetrate evenly into the hair follicles.

Wavy hair
Diffusing head with short “fingers” is used to dry short and medium length wavy hair. For long and thick hair – with smooth “fingers”. Diffuser with hollow “fingers” will help you create a more voluminous hairstyle. The holes in the “fingers” of the diffusing head are located on the sides: thus, hot air is not flowing directly, which avoids skin burns. If it is necessary to straighten hair, use a cloth-diffuser with a brushing action.

Long hair
How to treat long, curly hair to look beautiful? How to give maximum volume to such hair? On wet, brushed hair, apply mousse or foam with medium or strong hold, depending on hair condition. Avoid excess moisture: straight hair without diffuser, curly – with diffuser. In addition, the diffuser should be directed upwards, while head should be pulled down at this time. Pay attention: at this point the hair should stay a little damp. Attach a diffuser to the hair to give it volume. Continue drying the hair by moving the diffuser at medium speed. Creating voluminous curls is more convenient on gradual basis: at first, the first part of the hair, then in sequence you reach the top.
You will achieve better results by drying the curl, if you alternately use the diffuser and the hand (place the curl on the hand and compress it towards the head).
Straighten each curl with a diffuser and the hand. Use a hair dryer brush to give the final shape to the hair ends. It is now fashionable when the ends of the hair are wrapped on the outside or inside; A mixed option is also possible, thus we get a wonderful festive look. A hairpin that attaches to the side curl, or hair tied to the head, will be the final touch to a festive look.
Short hair
There are hair dryer brushes for short hair, which dry, comb and give volume to the hair. Some hair dryers are equipped with a special device to dry the hair curled quickly or relatively slowly.

How to dry?
Wrap part of the drying hair completely around the brush and apply an air stream on it. The large diameter brush creates a large wave, the hairstyle lasts for a long time. Hairstyles with large waves are easily done and transformed into festive look.

Medium length and long hair
Step 1. Bend down the head. Spread the hair.
Step 2. Together with the air flow, brush the hair the opposite direction of hair growth – from back to front.
Step 3. When the hair is half dry, lift your head and give the hairstyle a compete look. During the brushing, before moving on to the other part, dry the first part well, otherwise the hairstyle will fall apart.

Short hair
Step 1. Brush your hair.
Step 2. Bend down the head. Hold the hair dryer so that the air is directed against the hair growth. In this case, the scaly surface of the hair becomes smooth and the hair will acquire shine. Do not dry your hair! When drying and brushing, do not hold the hair dryer closer than 20 cm to the hair.