How to take care of wavy hair? – Tips

Wavy hair can be very easy or, in contrary, difficult to take care. It all depends on how you treat. When your hair is neither straight nor curly, it needs special attention as it is characterized by greasy hair roots and dry ends.
How to wash
If you wash your wavy hair infrequently, you will have a problem with hair loss, and if you wash your hair very often, you may obtain a dry hair. The golden interval is bathing once every 2-3 days and drying the hair with a towel to avoid frizz.
How to take care of hair
When washing, do not forget to put a mask on your hair. An hour before entering the bath, massage your hair with aloe or olive oil. The result is softer, healthier and more radiant curls.
Your hair is incredibly damaged by the effects of the sun and wind, which is most often manifested by splitting the ends. To avoid this problem, apply jojoba oil to the ends of the hair before going to bed. This will make your hair healthier and more hydrated.
Jojoba Oil
Natural hair oil made from jojoba extract, will help you to treat split ends and make your hair healthier.

Making curls
To get well-defined waves, apply light braids to your hair before going to bed. The greater the number of straps, the more defined your curls will be. Every woman with wavy hair knows the secret of scrunching. If you do not use this method in your daily hair care routine, then read the instructions carefully: as soon as you step out of the bath, apply a mousse or texture cream to your hair.
Moringa Curl – with curly hair cream you can get good curls with a natural look; the hair is not weighted down or frizzy. Hair follicles do not stick to each other, and isolated hair follicles retain their shape for a long time and are protected from damage.
Potion Cream – moisturizing cream will help you get gentle, light curls. Ideal for curly hair fixation, without the use of chemical, toxic ingredients. Flaxseed oil acts as a nourishing and soothing ingredient that enhances hydration, protects and softens hair.
Natural Mousse – Medium fixation mousse gives hair volume, shine and fixation. Can be used on all hair types, imparts soft fixation, elasticity and shine. Protein hydrolyzates and aloe and flaxseed oil extracts give hair extra protection. Pull the hair forward, place it in the fists of the hand and move the hand in the direction of the hair roots. Do not forget, after this process, you do not have to brush your hair. After drying, the curls will be more shaped.