How to wash hair properly

You should wash your hair so often that you do not allow your skin to get dirty.
Fat, dust and dirt in the skin inhibit hair growth.
The shampoo, which is prescribed for daily use, is as delicate, hypoallergenic & neutral as possible; it can be used on a daily basis.
The frequency of hair washing is individual. Hair type and water quality should be considered. If you have oily skin, even a 3-4-day interval will negatively affect the hair structure.
The amount of shampoo to use depends on the length of the hair. Do not pour the shampoo directly on the hair, you will not be able to control the amount. First pour the shampoo on your hands and then distribute it on your hair.
If you wash your hair every day, pouring the shampoo once is enough; in case you wash your hair twice a week, you need to reduce the amount of the shampoo for the second time.
Before washing your hair and applying shampoo, you should first brush your hair. Wash your head with finger pads, not nails. Massage while bathing to improve blood circulation.
Choose the right water temperature as well. The water should not be too hot. It will make your hair oilier. The optimum temperature is 40-50 degrees.
Be sure to rinse your head with cool or cold water after washing. It improves blood circulation and adds shine to the hair. If you have severely damaged hair, apply healing masks every other day. The result will appear in 8-10 sessions. For preventive purposes, apply the mask on the hair 1-2 times a week.
The mask / conditioner should be applied to already washed hair, on the entire length and not just the ends. Leave for 5-10 minutes and then rinse. Philip Martins masks combine conditioner (balm) and mask. If you leave the mask on your hair for up to 3 minutes, you will get the effect of conditioner (balm), from 5 minutes onwards you will get the effect of the mask.
Depending on the quality and type of hair, you should spray or apply oil on washed hair. According to the instructions, the oil should be applied to damp hair and distributed over the entire length, as well as massaged into the hair roots (scalp). As for the spray, it is necessary to protect the hair from harmful effects.
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