Bottoplex Blonde

ECKOZ PROFESSIONAL has 30 years of experience in innovating in the field of hair care. The Bottoplex formula does not lose its leadership worldwide. It is an American brand made from Brazilian raw materials. Enriched with natural ingredients found in the Amazon rainforest. The formaldehyde content in it is reduced to 0.02%.


Bottoplex Blonde is a soothing, restorative and healing condition for treated hair. Product contains: Hair Botox, Collagen and Olaplex. As a result, we get a softer and healthier hair structure. The product is enriched with amino acids, vitamins A and E, natural oils contained in macadamia oil and fruit. Bottoplex brings hair back to life. 

Bottoplex Blonde blue pigment is used as the anti-yellow product. It softens, moisturizes and nourishes the hair structure.