Hair Color Cream

Hair Color Cream is an intense pigment and its color palette ensures experimenting with color and expressing own personality. The pigments deliver a long-lasting color. Its multivitamin composition moisturizes, nourishes and adds shine to hair. It does not require any solvent and does not contain ammonia. It produces an exceptional effect which lasts up to 6 weeks. Product enables changing not only natural hair color, but covers all the gray hair by 100% as well. 


For brighter colors, the hair should be pre-lightened at first. No Yellow shade can be used to tone or eliminate unwanted yellow tones only. No Yellow is used on damp hair. The Chameleon shade is used to create pastel colors. It can be used with any color apart from No Yellow. It should be applied to dry hair; It should not be mixed with water or solvent. It is desirable not to apply on the scalp. Hair color cream should be rinsed with shampoo. It is recommended to wear suitable gloves.