Proper hair care depending on its type

You may be aware how hard it is to take care of hair for a woman. Especially when it is unruly, twisted, and damaged. Today it is not really difficult to choose a shampoo for all hair types and scalp. If you use expensive shampoos and the result is not really the same as in the advertisement of this shampoo, do not despair, since everything can be fixed. First of all, make sure that you buy the right shampoo for your hair type. There are dry, oily, normal, mixed hair types (it would be more correct to say: scalp). Normal hair shines, is elastic, easy to brush. It maintains a clean look for several days.
If the hair looks dirty the next day after washing and has an unhealthy, matte shine, it is of the oily type.
If the hair has a matte, lifeless look, it is easy to pull, break and combs badly, then it is a dry hair type.
Oily at the roots and dry at the ends means you have a mixed type of hair.
How to treat the hair according to its type:
In case of oily hair, you will need cleansing shampoo, which simultaneously works on hair and the scalp as well. It is important to determine how oily the hair is and then select the product. So for example:
If you are worried about oiliness, the following products are suitable for you: Purifying Wash – Cleansing Shampoo and Scalp Benefit – a healing mask for oily, dull and hair-prone hair.
And if your hair becomes very dirty soon after washing, then Moringa Wash and Moringa Rinse – a protective shampoo and mask for deep cleansing of the scalp and hair will be suitable for you.
In case of dry hair, you will need a product that restores the hair from the roots to the ends, will prevent the formation of split ends, will make the hair easily manageable and easy to comb. In a word, you need a strong moisturizing shampoo. For example Maple Wash and Maple Rinse – maple moisturizer, restorative shampoo and mask.
As for the mixed hair type, you will need a product that will work on oily roots and skin and on dry, damaged ends at the same time. In this case, Philip Martins recommends and offers Scalp Benefit – mask. Together with the healing properties, such as overcoming the challenges with oily hair, elimination of dandruff, stop loss, soothing the irritated skin, removing the redness, it also has another great feature in repairing split, damaged, dried ends.